Why Python is best programming language?

Okay everyone it’s Mubashar from violentcoding.com. In this article i will tell you why python is best programming language to learn in 2020.
The AI autocomplete for python whether you already have some development experience or you’re still deciding where to start learning a new programming language is an extremely valuable skill to have so today we’re going to talk about
the top five reasons you should learn Python in 2020 most programmers know several languages picking up another language can help you in your current job or in finding your next one in a few moments.
I’m gonna convince you why Python should be at the top of your list wait what’s Python if you’re completely new to this space
What is python?
Python is an extremely popular programming language in fact it’s the fastest-growing language right now it’s frequently used for web development scripting and automation machine learning the Internet of Things and so much more.
Python has been a go-to choice for world-class companies like Facebook, Google, Spotify and Netflix just to name a few so why are so many programmers choosing Python over languages like Java and C++ well let’s get into the meat of it the number one reason is Python simplicity no one likes working with a confusing and complicated programming language even pro programmers appreciate a straightforward language from time to time unlike some other languages Python is a clear and readable syntax that makes it easy for beginners to get started.
For companies to onboard new hires with without curly braces semicolons and type definitions Python is easy to write and interpret because it’s a bit less clutter than some other languages simply put writing and interpreting code in Python it’s intuitive so let’s dive into a quick example here both Python and Java achieve the same task of creating a list of numbers and printing each element on a separate line notice however that Python does this so much more elegantly and in nearly half the number of characters even printing HelloWorld is so much easier in Java we must create a class specify the main function in our program and use a Khan fluid system dot out dot print in to output two single words onto the screen in Python we can just type and pass in hello comma world it’s that easy this is because Python doesn’t require type definitions to assign variables it uses spaces rather than curly braces and it doesn’t even require the notion of object-oriented programming so in some pythons simplicity allows you to focus less time on debugging syntax more time on programming and solving that problem at hand another great reason to learn Python is its community and resources python is global community’s vast both online and offline a strong community like pythons is extremely advantageous as a larger community provides an outlet for you to get help from your peers develop your programming skills and discover creative new ways to solve interesting problems.
Since Python is open-source you’ll have access to some of the brightest and most motivated developers out there to this end Python hosts meetups conferences workshops all throughout the year and in cities all around the world whether you’re a beginner or an expert the Python community is eager and enthusiastic to help with the real Python blog the Python subreddit and youtubers like tech with Tim it’s easy to plug in to Python wherever you are in the world check out the links in our description below for more resources speaking of resources I want to take a moment to chat about kite. kite is an AI coding assistant and it works as a free plugin for your code editor so if you’re using atom VIU’s code spider pycharm sublime or vim kite will seamlessly integrate in your coding work flow kite can complete entire lines of code and it has a feature called intelligent snippets that will help you fill in arguments and Method calls with variables defined earlier in a script the window on the right side of my screen here is also a kite feature called the kite copilot it automatically shows you relevant Python documentation while you type based on where your cursor is this saves you time from having to google search for docs the best part of kite is that it’s free and you can download it from the link in the description below number three extensibility there is also a wide range of frameworks and libraries built into Python.
So getting started with any project is quick and easy pythons large and robust standard library features modules that add functionality to your code without having to spend time writing them yourself for example setting a request to a website is as easy as importing the request module and calling a single function there’s so many other useful models as well like the OS module that is used for interacting with the host machines operating system or the math module for math related functions in the random module that can be used to generate random numbers or values if you ever unfamiliar with any part of Python standard library you can read informative and helpful documentation on their official website or you can use the kite copilot while you’re coding Python is supported on several platforms as well including Mac OS Windows and Linux this portability is extremely convenient since it allows you to move and run code between different operating systems
You should also learn Python because of just how multi-purpose it is since there are so many frameworks and libraries built on top of Python it can be used for basically anything a programming language is capable of Python is a popular choice for creating and hosting a website it can analyze data really well run scripts to automate boring tasks and so much more one area in particular is DevOps is the integration of developers and operations teams to increase productivity and collaboration in a company this is done by automating workflows and infrastructure and by measuring their performance DevOps teams often use Python to achieve this because it’s efficient to code with and this is just one example of how Python is used there are so many applications and uses of Python in business education government and other fields and lastly number five demand for Python developers although its competitors aren’t going away anytime soon Python is cemented itself as an immensely popular choice for developers and data scientists according to Google Trends and the TOB index Python had the highest internet traffic of any of the language in 2018 and in 2019 Python became the third most popular programming language rivaling that of Java and C++ pythons creator guido van rossum says he certainly didn’t set out to create a language that was intended for mass consumption but now 30 years later Python has a rapidly growing user base of developers around the world and across all skill levels this is good news career-wise as well companies are eager to have skilled Python developers join their team well I hope you have a better idea as to why so many people love Python and why you should learn it let Python simplicity community and versatility inspire you to master as your next programming language and don’t forget thousands of job openings called for knowing Python so you could even make some money at it too.

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