How to learn web development in 2020

Learning web development on your own can be a frustrated task because you have to learn a lot of things completely on your own.

If you are new in programming world and wants to learn web development from scratch, then you are at the right place.

In this Article i will explain complete pathway that you need to follow in order to learn web development at a greater and efficient way.

So without ado, let’s jump right into it.

What is web development.

Web development is a way of building, creating and maintaining websites. Their are certainly a lot of fields in web development as well and i will walk you through them as well but web development is actually creating and maintaining website and that’s all about web development.

Now let’s discuss different fields in web development that you can go for.

Main Areas in web development.

Their are basically 3 main areas in web development where you can dig into.

Backend Web Development.

This is my favorite area in web development. In this area the web developer needs to develop back-end of any web application. For example the logic behind how everything works. This type of developer get huge benefits from the organization or individual they are working for because the task they are intended to perform requires a lot of logic about programming.

Front-End Web Development.

This area in terms of websites is an area where a designer is intended to design/develop the front-end of any website. This type of developer is responsible for the overall look and feel of the website.

Front-End designer is also responsible for managing user experience on the website and need to fix any usability error if anything happens.

Full-Stack Web Development.

A full-stack web developer is a mix of both the back-end and front-end developer and responsible for making the front and back-end of any website.

This is the most paid developers among this category and need to know far more then the other 2 types of developer in web.

I am also a full-stack web developer and i know that you need to know a lot of things. Also the learning curve for this type of development is long but someone can do this, you also can do it.

Now we will discuss that how someone can learn web development. No matters what field you aimed for, you can follow the below steps and start to learn web development.

Complete Pathway for Learning Web development.

Weather you want to learn front-end/back-end or full-stack, their are certain things you need to follow and somethings that you need to understand before you start learning about it.

Learning Path For Front-End Web Development.

In order to learn front-end web development, you need to know about html, css and JavaScript. Because without learning any of these languages i mentioned you are incomplete in this field.

You can follow a lot of online training courses that will teach you about front-end web development. So make sure to learn HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. As an extra you can learn some popular libraries like react to add something great into your skillset and resume.

Try to learn some simple stuff like making static web pages. And after doing practice of these basic stuff then move further.

Learning Path for back-end web development.

In order to learn this area of web development you need to have a great command on the language that you want to use as a back-end language.

For example if you want to learn back-end development using python, then you need to know the basics of python with great command on all the concepts.

So let’s talk about what you need to know in order to be a back-end developer.

First you need to learn a programming which supports web development. Then you need to know a database language which you will surely use while developing back-end.

After learning programming language and database language, you need to find any framework.

Let’s take django as an example. Let me tell what django is? It is a framework of python programming language that support MTV pattern. Django can be used for developing robust web applications/websites. I am also a developer of django and i like this framework a lot.

So you need to learn any framework of your choice in order to develop website like if you are in PHP programming language then laravel and some other frameworks are also good.

So next comes the database, you should learn SQL for your database management because you it is the most used database language. You can also some other databases like Oracle or PostgreSQL. The syntax for almost all the database languages are same, so you can shift from database to another as well.

Keep one thing in mind that you need to work with some designer in order to make a complete website. Because in this area you will be developing website’s back-end and you are not intended to make front-end of it, someone else will do that for you.

In large corporations, their are developers and designers that works together to accomplish their goals.

Learning Path to follow in Full-Stack Web Development.

If you want to work as a back-end plus front-end developer yourself, then this field is right for you.

In full-stack web development, the developer is intended to work as a single man on any type of website.

Here you are responsible for both the front-end and back-end of any website. You need to make a complete website/web application. Usually this type of developer get greater salary then the other two areas of web development.

You need to learn HTML, CSS, JS and back-end language that you want to use. Also you need to know some frameworks that support the language you are using as a back-end language.

Common things in all the areas of web development.

Here are some of the common things that you can apply on all the areas discussed here.

First, try to learn the basics, intermediate and advance level of languages you are using.

While learning the advance stuff about languages that you are using, here is the no 1 thing that you can do.

Make Projects, Yes! you are reading right. Without making projects you will learn a lot of things that you cannot without making projects.

Once you are just starting out, Try to make some small projects that covers the knowledge you have learned so far.

Once you got at the intermediate level then try to make some projects that also covers the knowledge you’ve learned so far as well as that you can add into your resume.

At last, When you are are at the advance position of web developer, before applying for jobs try to make some real world and commercial level projects. No matter what your idea is, just try to make it according to professional coding practices and also document it properly so that it can be shown to your employer that you have done something professional.

Then apply for jobs/ freelance clients that you are most comfortable in enjoy happy coding!

I hope you’ve learned a lot from this article and make sure to drop your feedback in the comment section.

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