How to learn django in 2020 [Complete Guide]

Hi Mubashar Here from,  today I want to talk to you about probably the most asked question in the Django community how do I start learning Django there’s lots of resources out there there’s lots of confusion you know when you start trying to dig in and trying to figure out where to learn there’s just not a lot of guidance on where to start so with this review I kind of wanted to give you a couple of bullet point places to start and then where to go to after you started so you can get a better experience of learning Django and getting familiar with Django 

Going with a django project tutorial (Official Guide)

The first thing I recommend is start with the Django project calm I recommend getting on there going through the multi-part tutorial on dealing with the poles application because it’s going to run you through some of the basics of Django and kind of touch a bunch of different stuff you might not understand everything in it when you go through I know I didn’t I kind of just did it and was like okay stuff is on the screen it looks like what that does and yay but what it does is it kind of gives you a little bit of familiarity with a bunch of different parts of the basics of Django and when you’re starting out that’s kind of important. 

Stick with sites that are teaching django

The next thing I recommend is potential of three different sites you can either hit all three or you can just stick with one the first one is the Django girls website it’s a great no website for a beginner friendly tutorial to kind of ready through a bunch of different Django the tango with Django I’ve not gone through this one very much I mostly just skimmed it but I share a lot of good things about it and then the new content that’s out there by Mozilla on doing Jenga again I skim this one as well and it seems pretty reasonable after you’ve gone through or skimmed through those that’s when I recommend you really pick up a book. I feel like you get a lot more out of these books when you start with some online tutorials as your first place to kind of really scrape some code onto the screen and you know get something interactive and do do a few things feel like you get a lot more out of the books. Because the online tutorials give you some muscle memory and dealing with Django and then the books will actually help connect dots of what things are there and I’ll leave the list of books that I like and kind of their skill level that you need in within the description and I have a place to go to but the question is after that is once you’ve started with some online tutorials you may be picked up a book or two or three or four and you’ve kind of gone through them. It’s like okay now I’ve done things that everyone else has done. how to start doing my own thing? and how do I go to the next level in Django. Beyond you know the basics of what I’ve just done in that in the books well my recommendation is to do stuff just do do random little projects.

How i learned django? Important things to consider while reading how to learn django?

When I first was learning Django before I wiped my computer you know in a yearly wipe that I do I probably had over a hundred projects literally did just one thing I know when I was learning forms I had three or four different projects that it was like okay I learnt how to do model forms and I want to learn how to do a form that’s just normal I wanna know how to customize you know the form just different things with forms that I would do in different projects I know that I did three or four different demo projects and learning the authentication system because they offer such a base amount of stuff with the built-in authentication stuff is you can mix and match things in different ways to get the experience that you want to go with and then once I got familiar and comfortable with that I did onion project still yet to go do third party Django applications to do with authentication and and once I did all of these things I got comfortable without the authentication system works and I started realizing okay in this scenario I need to do this but there really only came whenever I started you know just creating random demo projects to do one particular thing and then never worrying about them again it doesn’t have to be this grand cool application that I’m going to show off to the world and everyone’s going to go in awe about it it literally was some of the crappiest codes you’ll ever see because I was just trying to figure out how things work.

What i recommend to beginners while learning django?

And that’s what I recommend that you do is just lots and lots and lots of stupid things and practice and then one of these days you’re going to be doing stuff you’re going to be like oh yeah I remember doing this and you just cut it up you’re like okay now we need to do this and just put it out and you’re going to be like okay I want to create this particular project and it’s like oh well I need the off system have some model than you do a model form okay I want a basic API Oh calculator Django rest framework for that and I need to do some background processes olia celery for that and you know you’ve kind of built in you know some of these projects that you’ve done and you’ve got experience doing them so you just start taking the experience that you have and like add it to the project any others are living in the adage this new project you think this thing that you thought of and learning how to the project and eventually you have your project you have the application or the site that you’ve been working on and we need to create for years just kind of comes together and you can think through how to actually accomplish it so really that’s really kind of the trick to starting from nothing and going through to kind of getting to that next step of how do I become an experienced and good at Django how do I start down that path.

So one of the other questions that I get in email is where does Django where to go gang go fit into all of this and I like to say that it fits in with someone that has a little bit of experience of Django but is not a beginner so if you have a little bit of experience with Django then I recommend checking out my website gojenngo comp or online screencasts and tutorials it definitely is more topical of hey I’m online head to the authentication system learn how to do celery things like that another book that people often recommend is two scoops of Django and I really recommend that in the same vein after you have a little bit of experience with Gangu I recommend that you get a two scoops of Django because it’s a great resource for kind of idiomatic Django and things to do with Django that kinds of rest of the community has done and if you stick with those patterns of practices and you go to a lot of other projects you’ll see a lot of similarities it’s probably the most popular book in the Django community because it deals with coding standards inside of Django and a lot of people that have just been like okay we’re going to adopt probably 80% of what this book says in dealing with doing Django development finally the last concern I see a lot of people come up with when learning Django is what is needed what is the code that I should learn on and how do I find tutorials that cover the latest Django topics and the latest version of Django.

Finding tutorials that covers the latest django topics.

Well there’s two answers to that you can either view than LTS or long-term support recipe that’s a part of Django that is going to be supported officially for a long period of time longer than the six or eight months release cycle the jingle goes to currently so it’s going to last through like three Risley cycles until the next long term support then there is the latest tagged version that you can do of jingo so if you have one ten you know that’s the latest AG version so you would learn online ten or you can learn on master on github and just pull that down and start playing with it I don’t recommend when you’re beginning to just check out master and start doing stuff it’s generally not in the most stable of States depending on the part of the release cycle you’re dealing with and Django and can we do a lot of computing so they recommend you start with a long-term support burden or you stick with a latest tagged version of Django by just doing a pip install Django and whatever version that gives you that’s the version you learn on now one of the concerns.

Questions about which version of django to learn?

I see a lot of people ask is where do I find tutorials about the absolute latest version of Django and the answer is you’re not necessarily going to find the latest version of Django tutorials recovering the latest version of Django and that’s okay a lot of Django stays stable for a really long time Django forms for example has stayed stable for a really long time and tutorials from Django one-point-three still work today in a lot of cases there’s something and those added features in there but for the most part form code that was written in 1 3 can still work in Django 110 now so I recommend you know not necessarily worrying about you know how old the Django project is in the Django tutorial is for the current gene codebase but going ahead and trying it and if it doesn’t work you know hey this doesn’t work and then I recommend actually begging Anna seems you can figure out why it doesn’t work and actually getting it to work that’s a little above your skill level at the moment with Django scrap it and go find another tutorial along the way you’re going to learn extra stuff and you’ll be surprised at how often older tutorials still work with new code bases so after having experience learning Django and dealing with Django.

Recommendations about older versions in learning django

I do recommend not being afraid of older versions of Django tutorials now if you’re going for something and the entire tutorial is based in you know Django 1.1 and we’re on 1.10 now you’re going to run into a lot of problems but if you’re on line 10 now and you’re dealing with 1.7 you know most everything is going to still work so kind of can I be a little bit you know cognizant of that of how old old it is but you know if it’s a few versions will going to be fine usually so with that thank you for watching I’ll leave some detailed in the description for things that you can find resources to look up thank you for watching and if you like this video and like more please give me a thumbs up and subscribe also ask that you go ahead and leave some comments of some Django resources that you like yourself and it really helped you whenever you were starting to learn how to work with Django thank you for your time and have a great day

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