Capabilities of django. What can be build with django?

In this Article, I want to talk about some of the capabilities of Django. And point to some of the bigger tech companies and websites that have either used Django or currently using Django in their tech stack. And i will use them as a reference point to show you what you can really do with Django and the type of things that you can actually build with it. So I’ve wanted to make this Article for a while but I got a comment today that really encouraged me to make this sooner so this kama is kind of a common issue in the industry where people think that they need a certain tech stack or a language to be successful. So I’ll paraphrase it and I’m assuming this person is just curious and doesn’t really understand too much about programming. so I’m not trying to insult them but I did want to address it so I’ll paraphrase it but they said please promote a language which gives you a real chance to start businesses like PHP. So PHP is great and you can do a lot with it and so can you with Django along with no GS or Ruby on Rails and a lot of other stuff out there so there’s not one language that will really make you successful as long as you pick something that is popular out there. That you can actually learn from and that suits Your style and fits the needs that you’re trying to accomplish. Some of these do certain things. better than others but just to address that comment I’m gonna list out some of the tech companies that actually use django so if I go through my list. 

List of Things Build with django (Capabilities of django):

Here I listed out five to illustrate you the capabilities of django, we have 






So that should give you an idea of the type of websites that can actually be built with it and the scalability I’m not sure if Instagram still uses Django but I do know that they rely heavy on Python and they did scale to I believe over a million users with Django don’t quote me on that but this is what I found on Google just by doing a quick search and just doing some research on companies that use Django. So there’s a lot of big tech companies that use it that have already you really done the groundwork for us they have proven to us that we can build it and most of us are not going to be building these crazy applications. 

But you can always scale these and then adjust later but the framework should not be your worry as long as you can make it work. 

Recommendations on your curiosity about what we can build with django?

So what I would recommend if you’re curious on the type of things that you can build with it I went to stack share dal IO and on that website what you can do is actually just do a search for a certain language or a library and it’ll show you all the companies that have registered that actually uses so this should give you a pretty good idea of the companies that are hiring for it how it’s being used and what you can actually do with it another one is go to Stack Overflow or go to LinkedIn and look up jobs that are hiring for Django developers and you’ll see the type of websites or applications that these people are building another thing is people always ask me what type of or can I build a certain type of website and they’ll say things like can I build a social network can I build an e-commerce website like Amazon. 

And the answer to all of those is yes if you if you go ahead and apply it along with the text acts that are required with it so for example if you wanted to build an e-commerce website you can use Django to accomplish most of the things that you need. May be you’ll use a front-end library like react or you just want to use a vanilla JavaScript Django will build out a good back-end and can really scale for you. 

Things that you can build with django (Capabilites of django that you can utilize)

So the answer is absolutely yes you can do a lot with that. And build out most of the things that you can think of with Django so you can even go as far as mobile applications not that jingle will actually handle all that for you but it will provide a back-end and if you wanted to use a framework like react native or flutter or any other way to build an app you can use django to build out that API and actually connect with it and use it as the the data source and actually handle inputs and outputs of the data itself. 

So Django can definitely handle all of that and again he’s just used some of the companies out there as a reference point especially some of the bigger ones to see that yes you can’t scale. 

I think Instagram is a pretty good example of showing you capabilities of django and how how big an application can actually get so the last thing I wanted to leave you with here is again just to address that and say that you don’t need a specific tech stack but Django can do it for you but do whatever suits you and fits whatever you’re trying to do so if you’re looking for a job find a language or framework that has a lot of job openings and you’re comfortable with actually learning so go ahead and do that and thanks for Reading this article. Happy learning!

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